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I'm a freelance journalist.

Freelance writer/reporter/editor specializing in a little of this and a little of that. Email me at juliaf90@gmail.com.

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Planning a Wedding? Here Are 17 Mistakes You Should Avoid.

No matter if you’re still on the market or months away from your wedding date, take note of these wedding planning tips so that your walk down the aisle will be as close to perfect as your 5 year-old self always dreamed it would be.

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13 Dog Sweaters To Keep Your Best Friend Warm This Winter

In the same way that food disguised as another food is fascinating, isn’t there something fun about pets wearing human clothes? It’s peculiar in the most perfect way and I’m going to be so bold as to say that even people who aren’t crazy animal lovers still enjoy a good pic of a puppy in costume.

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7 Blanket Coats to Wear This Season, Because Fall Is All About Comfort

If there’s one trend worth getting behind this season, it’s blanket coats. Hands down. I mean … the name speaks for itself. Can you think of anything better than wrapping yourself in what’s essentially a blanket and being able to call it “on-trend?” In a world where steep heels and stomach-baring crop tops are the norm, it’s nice to know that fashion can still be kind.

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23 Lace Socks, Headbands, Sweatshirts, And Other Breezy Ways To Add Little Lacy Touches To Your Fall Wardrobe

From lace-adorned scarves and socks to cozy sweatshirts and pants, this openwork fabric seems to work well on almost everything.

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15 Patterned Tights For Fall That Are Anything But Basic

I’ve rounded up 15 pairs of colorful, clever tights to suit any set of legs. From bright crochets to bedazzled and bandage varieties, these styles are sure to add flair to any outfit (no matter what the occasion) this fall.

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How To Dress Like Elsa From 'Frozen' In 6 Easy Steps, Because It Looks Like You're The Queen of Halloween

I’ve pieced together all of the components you need for an easy DIY Elsa costume that’s cute, recognizable, and sexy without being overtly suggestive like some other Frozen costumes on the market (looking at you, Yandy). Here, the six things you’ll need.

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7 Secrets To Denim Care So Your Jeans Last Longer

Here are seven simple tricks we got from Madewell to help you take better care of your high-quality denim. Remember these rules to make your jeans last longer and to keep them looking as good as they did on the day you bought them.

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25 of 2015's Best Wedding Dresses to Fulfill the Fantasies of Every Bride-to-Be

A gallery of bridal gowns really needs no introduction. Ahead is all of the lace, tulle, satin, and silk you could ever dream of in your wildest Pinterest dreams. Trust me, the little 5-year-old girl in you will not be disappointed — and I say that having dressed up as bride for six consecutive childhood Halloweens. And yes, I wore a different costume each year, which makes me believe I personally was inspiration for TLC’s hit reality series Say Yes To The Dress.

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Learn How To Style Wet Hair So You Prevent All Sorts Of Nasty Breakage, Plus Get The Shiniest Strands Ever

When I finally bring myself to step out of the shower (which is usually at the point when my fingers are unbearably pruney), all I want to do is dry off, slip into my snuggle suit, and get my hair dry as fast as possible. Whether that means swaddling it in a towel or plugging in the hairdryer, the quickest way to dry my hair is synonymous with the best way. But this is not according to Maria Hatzipetros, a senior hair stylist at Chez Ann Salon in Buffalo, NY.

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8 Style Mistakes to Avoid When You're Working Out

The whole point of working out is to stay healthy and feel good about yourself, so it seems a little counterintuitive to write an article about how to make a fashion statement in your yoga class, right? Don’t worry, there will be none of that here. Instead, I come bearing tips on how your clothes and beauty routine can actually maximize the benefits of your workout. And if you make a fashion statement in the process, that’s just an added bonus.

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25 Basic Wardrobe Essentials Every College Girl Needs

Don’t let loungewear become your everyday go-to. Instead, mix things up with other items that are just as easy to throw on, such as an oversized flannel shirt with jeans or a pair of printed flats with cozy leggings. You’ll have enough on your plate as soon as the school year picks up, but right now you need a few staples to make dressing for college as easy as cooking a cup of ramen noodles.

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11 Types of Fall Boots and How To Wear Them

Whether you prefer slouchy suedes, structured riding boots, or a pair that pulls up past you knees, there’s a pair (or two) out there for everyone. Here are 11 popular styles with tips on how to wear each. So snuggle up with your PSL and peruse some seasonal style inspiration.

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The 11 Don't Of Dressing For Your First Job

If you’re about to start your first job and have no idea where to begin, here are 11 pieces of styling advice that apply across most fields. Not every woman will have the same office dress code, but keep these tips in the back of your head to avoid any awkward office don’ts.

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13 Famously Stylish Schoolgirls From Film and TV to Get You Inspired For Back-To-School Dressing

In the spirit of the back-to-school season — and back-to-school shopping! — here are 13 schoolgirls who score an A+ in style. From crimped hair to 3D glasses, these ladies are famous for their distinguished looks.

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15 New Fall Nail Polish Colors To Get You Properly Excited For The Best (Yes, The Best) Season of the Year

From OPI’s rich Nordic colors to Deborah Lippmann’s glamorous New York Marquee lacquers, here are 15 excuses to add to your ever-growing polish collection and even more colorful reasons to fall in love with Fall.